About Mr. Accountant

Mr. Accountant: A Versatile and Integrated Accounting and Business Management System You Can’t Live Without!

Mr. Accountant was created in 1985 by a New Jersey computer scientist who fulfilled the need for a versatile and integrated accounting and business management system that would efficiently operate any size business. This accounting system fills the gap between the over the counter software and large, complex software packages. The original purpose of the integrated program was to eliminate employee overstaffing and to create an efficient management and accounting system. The software began in a DOS based operating system and converted to a windows version several years ago to meet the need of new and more efficient technology. Mr. Accountant is available in both single and multi-user versions. The Accounting software has numerous modules and integrates with several other programs such as Palm Pilot, Mr. Estimate, Certified Payroll, etc.

Specifically designed for multiple industries

Mr. Accountant is simple to comprehend and easy to use from senior management to the support staff. Management can monitor all aspects of the company’s receivables, payables and general ledger from one station. The software has several levels of security to restrict and permit access to designated employees on an individual basis. This way the accounts payable departments can only review, input and issue payment in their designated work area. Mr. Accountant will maximize your profits and keep your business competitive by making all of your business decisions as efficient as possible. Mr. Accountant also has the features to provide management with the ability to oversee and monitor the accounting, financial and production departments from one location.

Mr. Accountant is the only program that is designed to save time and money.

Mr. Estimate: A Versatile Estimating and Bidding System that Integrates with the Mr. Accountant Accounting and Business Management System.

Mr. Estimate was created in 1985 to fulfill the need to fully integrate the Mr. Accountant accounting and business management system with service and construction related users. Mr. Estimate is a multiple overhead recovery system.